Hurley Australian Open of Surfing Trophies

Posted on: February 17th 2014

We were approached by Hurley to do this years Australian Open of Surfing Trophies. They were quite a detailed and intricate concept to put together, but they turned out great.
The trophy consisted of laser cut Stainless Steel layered and mounted to a high gloss black base. The base had a matt black Hurley logo on the top and a Stainless Steel logo inserted on the bottom of the base.
Congratulations to Adriano de Souza from Brazil who took out Julian Wilson to win the Open Mens comp and Hawaiian Carissa Moore for winning the Open Womens comp.












Here’s a little video of the highlights of the final day of the competition.

Herron Todd White Annual Awards

Posted on: January 24th 2014

We were asked to create the annual company awards for Herron Todd White. We sat down with them and came up with some different material and construction options and the final product was an interactive piece made from a timber veneered block with laser etched logos and a 2 pak painted insert. Each colour represents the 4 different areas of the company. We also put together some LED lanterns for a table centrepiece used for the awards night. The final result turned out great.










Brolga Awards Stainless Steel and Timber Sculpture

Posted on: October 22nd 2013

This is one of those projects that we love here at Potato Press. We were approached by a Brisbane company to produce a large perpetual sculpture for there internal staff awards. The brief was to create a striking scupltural piece based off the awards brolga logo to sit in the foyer of their Brisbane office. Something that was more artistic and interpretive. So what we ended up with was a layered laser cut stainless steel brolga which sat on a custom built timber plinth. Our Joiner Rex almost killed our designer when he got the specs for the timber plinth, but the final result was worth all the effort that went into it. The final result looked amazing sitting in the foyer of their newly refurbished office.














Time Pet Products Awards Trophy

Posted on: August 7th 2013

This is a project that we did for Time Pet Products. It was a trophy for their internal staff awards night. The trophies are made from Recycled Spotted Gum Hardwood Timber and laser etched with some typography that we custom designed. The timber came out looking great after we gave it a bit of love and the laser etch really set it off.





Billabong Occy Grom Comp 10th Anniversary Trophies

Posted on: July 23rd 2013

These are the latest trophies we have put together for Billabong and the 10th anniversary Occy Grom Comp. They are laser cut and laser etched painted timber that is then layered on top of each other to add a bit more dimension. The guys were stoked with the outcome and it looked like the groms got some good waves too.







Jetstar Business Class Menu Design

Posted on: June 11th 2013

This is an ongoing project we are involved in which is the Jetstar Business Class Inflight Menu Design. The menus are updated every month with a new image from one of the many destination that Jetstar fly to.
We are currently working on the Domestic and International Jetstar Cafe Menu for Economy passengers.






Laser Cut Layered Potato Press Signage

Posted on: May 31st 2013

Here is a piece we did for our studio. It is laser cut and laser etched timber. It is then painted and layered together to make a nice little typography sign.

This sign also compliments our new Potato Press branding. We thought it was time for a bit of revamp. We hope you like it!


Laser-Cut-Signage- Laser Etched Typography-Potato-Press Laser-Cut-Signage-Typography-Potato-Press Laser-Cut-TYPOGRAPHY-Signage-Laser-Etched-Gold-Coast-Potato-Press Laser-Etched-Signage-Laser-Cut-Typography-Potato-Press-Australia-Brisbane Laser-Etched-Signage-Laser-Cut-Typography-Potato-Press-Australia Potato-Press-Logo-New-Branding


Lone Pine Memorial Plaque

Posted on: May 23rd 2013

We were approached by the Inverell RSL to produce a memorial plaque for the Battle of Lone Pine at Gallipoli. What made this job special was the fact that we were to make the plaques from the timber from a seedling of the original Lone Pine of Gallipoli.

The story goes…” Two brothers, Benjamin and Mark Smith from Inverell, NSW were involved in the capture of the Lone Pine positions. Mark was killed in the action. Benjamin, a Lance Corporal, noticed that the Turks had been using the branches of a Lone Pine tree to cover their trenches. He saw that trees had been destroyed in the battle and it is probable that his thoughts went home to his mother who was well known for her “green thumbs”. He plucked one of the cones from the destroyed tree and sent it to her. Benjamin’s twin brother, Bert also enlisted in the 1st AIF. The mother planted three seeds shed by the cone and like the story of the three boys, two trees lived and one died. In 1930 Mrs McMullen, the boys’ mother sent one of the trees to Inverell where the boys had lived, the second tree was sent to Canberra for the opening of the War Memorial. The Duke of Gloucester planted the tree on 24th October, 1934 dedicated to the memory of Mrs McMullen’s son, Mark and other sons who fell at Lone Pine. The timber used in this plaque is from the original Lone Pine seedling. The tree was felled in 2007 due to safety concerns.”

So our joiner, Rex, milled down the slabs of pine from the Lone pine seedling and put together this large timber plaque. We then designed the the plaque using images and maps from the battle of Gallipoli. The plaque was presented to the city of Inverell on Anzac day, The unveiling of the plaque was made by Member for New England, Tony Windsor and Ms Ruth Smith, a niece of the Smith Brothers.

We here at Potato Press are extremely proud to have been a part of this amazing project and we would like to thank Hans and everyone at the Inverell RSL Sub Branch for asking us to be involved with such a memorable job.

More images and stories can be found at the Inverell Times and The National Daily Leader.









Breaka Burleigh Pro Trophy

Posted on: March 15th 2013

We were contacted by Surfing Queensland to design and produce the trophies for the Burleigh Breaka Pro. So what we came up with was a large slab of hardwood with an image of Burleigh etched into it. We then mounted the laser cut letters and logos off the wooden base with a piece of clear acrylic. The etched image sat nicely in the background and the hardwood base gave the trophy a nice solid feel.

The guys got some good waves for the event and burleigh hill was packed with spectators. A huge congratulations to Owen Wright and Sally Fitzgibbons for taking out first place in the Mens and Womens events.








Lu Lu Lemon Store Graphics

Posted on: January 14th 2013

The lovely people from Lu Lu Lemon Athletica contacted us to create an art piece for their store at Carindale. The brief was a hampton’s style beach theme which incorporated the brands imagery and some of their key phrases. We also had to design it so that the staff can interchange the images and phrases with ease. So the final product was a combination of wood and whitewash, laser cut white mdf and reverse applied acrylic prints. Both the printed acrylics and laser cut lettering are mounted with stainless steel standoffs which are easily changed and replaced. The guys were very happy with the final product and it looked great in the store.

River City Laser Cut Christmas Cards

Posted on: December 19th 2012

Well it is that time of year again and what better way to celebrate than producing some laser cut christmas cards. This is a job we did for River City Solutions in Brisbane. We designed, Printed and Laser cut these custom cards for them to send out to their clients. The layering turned out great and the intricate detail that we can get from our laser is always amazing.

The guys were stoked with the final product and so were we!

2012 Chiko Queensland Championship Circuit Trophies

Posted on: May 29th 2012

We were recently contacted by Surfing Queensland to design and produce some custom trophies for the 2012 CHIKO Queensland Championship Circuit. The QCC is a series of 4 comps throughout Queensland. Starting with the CHIKO MP Classic at D’Bah then to the CHIKO Sunshine Coast Pro and the CHIKO Alley Classic at Currumbin and finishing up with the CHIKO Burleigh Classic.

The brief was to create something awesome which incorporated the different mythical icons that represent each comp. A splash of stainless steel was also requested.

We chose to incorporate three different materials which complement each other. The back layer is Laser Etched and Laser Cut from a Teak Timber Veneer. The middle layer is a piece of Clear Acrylic with a Reverse Applied Print and the front layer is a piece of Stainless Steel made by Laser Etching and Laser Cutting with our in house Laser Machine.

So this is what we here at Potato Press came up with……..


Australian Surf Retailers Awards

Posted on: April 20th 2012

We were approached by the Australian Surf Retailers Federation to Design and Manufacture the Awards for the very first Australian Surf Retailers Awards.

This was one of our favorite projects to date. It was great to be given a brief and then let loose to come up with something really amazing. All the Design and Production was done in-house so that we had control over every step that went into making the awards.

It looks like the event was a great night and the awards were received extremely well. Special mention to Hurley for taking out “Mens Brand of the Year” and “Boardshort of the Year”, Billabong for winning both Mens and Ladies “Marketing Campaign of the Year” and to Rusty for taking out “Ladies Brand of the Year”. To see more photos and the full rundown of the night, head over to the Surf Retailers Federation website HERE.

Here are some images of the process right through to the event.



Tara Beach Resort Vanuatu – Key Tags and Signage

Posted on: January 31st 2012

One of our first jobs on our New Laser Machine was for The Tara Beach Resort in Vanuatu.
We designed and produced the Key Tags for all of their rooms. We laser cut and etched the tags from Fijian Ply with a marine grade varnish over the top.
The Tir Na Nog’ Laser Etched Sign is for the Resort Owners House on the Island. Tir Na Nog’ is an old celtic saying meaning “Land of the Young”. The sign was made from Meranti wood with a Marine Grade varnish.

Runaway Bay Seagulls Vegas Promo

Posted on: January 24th 2012

We recently did a Promo Package for the Runaway Bay Seagulls Leagues Club’s “Win a Trip to Las Vegas” Promotion.
The package included all Design and Printing of Flyers, Pull up Banners, Point of Sale Stands and the Large Signage out the front of the Club.

Gunnersens Laser Cut Gift Note Pad Boxes

Posted on: January 9th 2012

Happy New Year!!!! After a great 2011, we have hit the ground running in 2012. Already starting to get busy.

Here is a huge job we finished last year.
We had to make thousands of these Laser Cut and Laser Etched Note Pad Boxes for Gunnersens, who are Australia’s largest privately owned Timber and Wood-Based Panel supply company. They were used for their corporate christmas gifts.
We came up with all of the concepts through to final designs for the boxes. Gunnersens supplied the veneered MDF, of course, we then Laser Cut and Etched them, then had to put them all together by hand.
Big job, but the final product was great and the client was stoked!


Custom Designed and Made NuFlow Trophy

Posted on: October 24th 2011

This is a recent project we did for NuFlow Technologies.

We had to design and produce their annual awards trophies and wall plaques.
There were 4 different categories, each one incorporating a different colour.
The trophies are a stand alone piece handed out to the winner of each category. The wall plaques are a larger version of the trophy, which hang on the wall of the NuFlow head office and get updated each year with the new winners.

The trophies consist of 3 separate layers of acrylic, each one a different colour. It also have a laser etched plaque and a domed logo.

Here is one of the finished products.


Posted on: March 15th 2011

We have just updated our website slightly. Loads of new images in the Services section. Check it our HERE

Hinterland Mowers Vehicle Graphics

Posted on: March 2nd 2011

We have been doing a few vehicle graphics for the guys over at Hinterland Mowers in Nerang, Gold Coast. We just finished our fourth vehicle for them. 2 Trucks and 2 utes so far.

Here are some pics of the finished products.

For Good Measure…..

Posted on: February 16th 2011

We did a Foiled Wine Label for our good friends at The Measure. It was used for their Christmas / End of Year gift to their clients. Designed by the guys at The Measure.

Super clean, crisp design…….. So much so, it was featured on the Package Design Blog, Lovely Package………Check it out HERE.

MCG Office Graphics

Posted on: January 4th 2011

Here are some shots of an Office Graphics fit-out we did for McCarthy Consulting Group, in Southport on the Gold Coast, late last year.

All Concept and Design was done in-house by our design team, as well as all Production and Installation.

Front Reception – Customised Printed Textured Wallpaper, 30mm Routed and 2 pak MCG sign and Laser Cut Lettering across Front Reception Desk.

Office Window Graphics – Printed and Contour Cut Frosted Etch Reverse Applied with Vinyl Cut MCG Logo Face Applied.

Front Entrance Doors – Frosted Etch Reverse Applied with Vinyl Cut MCG Logo Face Applied.


Posted on: April 16th 2010

I dropped in on a couple of mates from Element Skateboards last week, to show them some stuff I’ve been doing with the Laser.

I decided to do a skateboard up to give to them, so I used the same art I used on my skateboard, but I added an Element logo, which I redrew to match. Turned out alright.

Thanks to Col and Troy at Element (check out Troy’s art here…. It’s good, Really good!)


C’est La Vie

Posted on: April 13th 2010

I did this scribble a while ago. Liked it alot, but didn’t do anything with it. Well, finally turned it into something. I redrew it on my computer and cut it out of wood. I stained the wood different colours to make the text stand off.

Here it is!

Original Sketch

Laser Cut

Finished Product


Lasers… What Can’t They Do???

Posted on: April 12th 2010

I recently did a piece of art to laser etch onto a skateboard. Before I got to put it onto a skateboard, I etched it onto my leather sketchy. I popped a pic of it onto FB and next thing I know I’m lasering the same piece of art onto my buddy Simon’s Macbook. Good times!! Thanks again to SC for allowing me to permanently imprint my artwork onto one of his most prized possessions. Check out Simon’s new venture, The Measure, for more on this. Here are some images of the whole process.

Original Sketch

Etched Leather Sketchbook

Etching the Macbook

Finished Product.